Scott City community comes together for Caselynn

Scott City community comes together for Caselynn

SCOTT CITY, MO (KFVS) - A Heartland community came together Saturday night to raise money for one of their own, Caselynn Reagan.

Caselynn was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease.

Doctors told family members right now there is no cure for the disease, and most children don't make it past 2-years-old.

The Scott City community decided they wanted to raise money for the family to give Caselynn the best life they can.

"We have people coming up to us that don't even know us and say we are praying for you," said Blair Reagan, Caselynn's mother. "It is phenomenal. It's pulled us together as a family and pulled us together as a community. Being in a small town, we didn't know how well this would go, but they have been wonderful. Everywhere we go. She's our little angel and our famous person now."

All the proceeds from the benefit will go into a trust fund for Caselynn.

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