Hundreds show their support at 'Justice for Molly' protest

The Carbondale pavilion filled up quickly with people wearing their green t-shirts with Justice for Molly on them.

21-year-old Molly Young was found in her ex-boyfriend's apartment in March 2012. The ex-boyfriend, Richard Minton was a Carbondale Police Dispatcher.

Molly died from a gunshot wound to the head.

But, many have questioned who pulled the trigger.

And Molly's father Larry Young, says he doesn't understand why nobody can answer his questions about his daughter's death.

"That's beyond my understanding. I do not understand why they're acting like they are," said Young. "The authorities have been acting odd since this whole thing began. I don't understand it, who can understand it until a proper investigation has been done by an outside authority."

The Jackson County State's Attorney Mike Carr said there wasn't enough evidence in the initial investigation to file charges against anyone in Molly Young's death.

Some fathers say they would be doing what Larry is doing, fighting for answers.

"I ask myself would you be doing the same thing, absolutely," said Rocky Morris of Benton, IL. "If I had the circumstances of a situation that Larry had dealt with and his family, I would be doing the exact thing."

Now a special prosecutor has been called in to take a second look at the case.

"We just got some good news that Ed Parkinson from Morgan County, Illinois has been appointed special prosecutor," said Monica Zukas of Marion. "I feel like if he gets in here and investigates this case like it should have been initially. And looks at all the facts we will get justice for Molly."

But, the wait for justice is painful for Molly's friends and family.

"It's devastating and it's sad," said Hannah Moravec of Highland, IL. "And it just breaks my heart. No family should ever have to go through what the Young family has been through. And we will continue to fight until we get justice."

In the meantime support for Justice for Molly has topped more than 25,000 people on it's Facebook page.