Folks sound off on siren placement in Carterville

Folks sound off on siren placement in Carterville

CARTERVILLE, IL (KFVS) - Most people are in favor of tornado sirens to warn them of dangerous weather. But, what about a 50 foot siren only 40 feet from your backdoor in the middle of your backyard?

Some folks in Carterville say the city was about to install the pole without even letting them know first.

Brian Hetrick noticed two stakes in his yard two weeks ago.

He says he didn't think anything of it then, but just last week he pulled into his driveway to find the city's fire chief and engineer.

"They said that they were looking to put in a tornado siren here in the backyard," says Hetrick.

Only roughly 40 feet from his backdoor.

"Had I not caught them leaving the yard and intervened, that I would of came home from work one night with a crane in the backyard and a fifty foot tower sticking out of it," he says.

Hetricks says without any sort of notification, his backyard was where the city had decided to put a 50-foot tornado siren on a piece of land he's taken care of for eight years.

"Definitely not in the middle of a backyard," he says.

It's a problem for other neighbors as well.

Part of the headache is hearing it every first Tuesday of every month.

"That thing is going to be blasting," says Brad Palmer.

City Mayor Brad Robinson says the original plan was to put the tower behind the new junior high school, but they were forced to give up on that location.

"After the engineer looked at it and sound studies were done there were tree issues because of the height of the trees and the fact that the ground dipped down," says Robinson.

The city is now considering across the street from both neighbors houses.

It's a slight improvement, but both men say is still a problem.

"There will be no residential area that wants this in their backyard," says Palmer.

When asked about why the home owners were never told about the plans, the mayor says the council was only considering that area and that no final decision had been made.

The city will make a final decision at the next city council meeting.

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