Local dance team in finals for television competition

FARMINGTON, MO (KFVS) - A dance team from Farmington has made it to the finals on the TV competition show, America's Got Talent.

The team is made up of 26 girls from the Farmington area and they range in ages from 8 up to late teens.

The girls were sought out by America's Got Talent after seeing a video of the team on YouTube.

Since then, the team and their coaches have been working around 40 hours a week to hone their stunts and performances.

Making it to the finals of a national television competition isn't easy, even though the girls make it look that way.

Instructors for the team say it takes lots of faith and trust for the girls to be able to do their routines.

Support from the area of Farmington and beyond has been overwhelming, as signs and billboards can be seen both near and far tracking the team's accomplishments and showing congratulations.

Innovative Force has also been getting support in the form of posters, pictures, Facebook posts and other communication from people they have never even met sending them well wishes.

The girls look forward to the more fierce competition of the finals coming up next week.

You can follow the team's progress on Facebook or Twitter to keep updated.

Check out more on the story in the video player above!

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