Nixon stands by veto of House Bill 301

Nixon stands by veto of House Bill 301

FARMINGTON, MO (KFVS) - Missouri Governor Jay Nixon said he stands by his decision to veto House Bill 301.

The bill would require anyone who committed a sexual offense before they turned 18 to be taken off the state wide offender list.

Nixon spoke on the issue in Farmington on Friday.

"That means if my veto is overwritten, an estimated 870 offenders, currently listed on these websites today, would be removed immediately, their names and details of their crimes would be erased immediately without any distinction between those who have committed extremely violent sex crimes and those who committed lesser offenses," said Nixon.

He said the sex offender registry is vital for letting the community know who sex offenders are, and where they live.

"Look at the ages of their victims, look at the severity of their crimes, look at the number of times they terrorized children, and tell me that you wouldn't want to know if one of these guys moved in next door, or applied for a job at your child's school," said Nixon.

While there is talks of legislators overriding the veto, Nixon stressed his veto opinion.

"Folks we simply cannot let that happen, for crime victims and their families we can't let this happen, for the safety of our communities we must sustain this veto, for our law enforcement officers who need every tool available to fight crime, we must not let House Bill 301 become law," said Nixon.

Nixon said there is already a process in place where someone can apply to get taken off the sex offender registry list.

As part of the process, both victims and law enforcement are involved.
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