Du Quoin State Fair: Tasty Taffy Treat

Du Quoin State Fair: Tasty Taffy Treat

DU QUOIN, IL (KFVS) - While some fair goers like the funnel cakes or ice cream, a lot of people said they love the taffy.

Heartland News got a behind the scenes look at Sutter's State Fair Taffy; how they make it, and why it's so popular.

"We think it's more of a tradition and a great product of course," said Tony King.

King and his family own Sutter's State Fair Taffy.

"It's just people get used to that sound when they get out there and we start rolling, a couple days before the fair you know people start coming up getting excited about it," said King.

They take their tasty treats to fairs throughout the region.

"Flavors wise, it's really what region we're in, Illinois is big on the black walnut and the vanillas, and the strawberries and bananas, of course," said King.

So what goes into making the candy concoction?

"Basically like any candy we start with a corn syrup, butter, and sugar, and we cook it to our temperature according to the weather water is our worst enemy we cool it," said King.

The taffy maker then puts the mixture on the pulling machine to give it the taffy texture you're used to. They add their special flavors. Then, they feed the taffy into their decades old wrapping machines.

"Well the new machines wrap like 500 pieces a minute or like a thousand and they're like the size of this trailer, and so we like the old, the nostalgia we feel like you know the machines," said King.

While they did tell Heartland News some of the tricks of the trade, the rest they say is a family secret.

"We really did like the taffy and the hands on approach, where I feel like most candy companies get away from that hands-on making from scratch," said King.

If you want to pick up some taffy at the fair, they tell us the Sutter's State Fair Taffy box runs $8.00, while the half pound bag goes for $6.00.

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