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Funds needed for Carbondale pension and project idea


That is one of the reasons behind a sales tax increase backed by the city's mayor.

As part of a project to renovate the downtown and help local public safety officer pensions, the city needs to first find a way to fund both.

At Tuesday's City Council meeting, Mayor Joel Fritzler proposed upping the city's sales tax by point .25-percent.

His plan would increase the tax for five-years, which city officials say would bring in over a $1 million annually.

Currently the sales tax sits at 8.5-percent.

Mayor Fritzler says to date the city is looking at over $13 million dollar shortfall when it comes to its public safety pension fund.

Some residents say they would not mind the increase if it meant fixing the city's budget and seeing a better downtown area.

"It's a little bit of an increase on the tax but I think it goes to good things that the city needs," says Carbondale resident Adam Fletche.

"Nickel and diming people you know they'll all probably whine over it or something but I think as a for the amount of taxes, we're taxed a lot anyway so a little going to something cool would be nice," said Nicholas Schurman, of Carbondale.

The mayor at first suggested an entertainment fee, but said a sales tax increase would help fund both facility maintenance and pensions better.

Fritzler mentioned that if the council voted for the increase, Carbondale's sales tax rate would be the same as Marion's.

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