8/26/13 - 2nd Impact Syndrome

8/26/13 - 2nd Impact Syndrome

There are three seasons in the course of a year that may have an undue influence on Heartland men-Duck Season, Deer season, and Football season. Warning to the wives out there- some husbands may be affected by more than one of the aforementioned seasons.

We still have to wait a while for hunting, but football season is underway as young men all across the Heartland line up to do battle on Friday nights.

While a lot of us enjoy watching those big plays that happen on the gridiron, I'd like to talk about the well being of the players for a minute. Specifically, the byproducts of those big hits on the field.  We use to call it "getting your bell rung". Now we know it better as head trauma, or even possibly concussion. 

A  study in the journal "Pediatrics" indicates that young athletes may face a greater danger if they suffer new head blows before they're fully recovered from previous concussions. They call it "second-impact syndrome."

Parents, teachers, and specifically coaches need to watch out for symptoms of concussion because young athletes may be reluctant to let anyone know. They are kids. They just want to play. You can't take chances with what may be a brain injury. If there are any symptoms, even mild ones, err on the side of caution.

We all want to see our team to win on Friday night but let's make sure and keep our kids safe in the process.

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