Broadway drainage project will not affect Broadway improvements

Broadway drainage project will not affect Broadway improvements

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - New lights, new parking spots, and new plants are all part of the improvements made to Broadway in Cape Girardeau last year.

While some people worry a new storm drainage project would affect those improvements, city leaders said that's not the case.

Cape Girardeau City Engineer Casey Brunke said they will begin work on the Broadway Storm Water Relief Sewer Project this fall. She said the name can be misleading because she said none of the work will actually take place on Broadway.

The streets affected will be Ellis, Frederick, Middle, Themis, Fountain and Merriwether, and it will be completed in sections.

The work is to help relieve the flooding that has been on a problem for years according to Brunke.

As part of the Broadway Corridor Improvement Project, Brunke said they prepped a few pipes to feed right into this new project.

"We will not be tearing up the beautiful infrastructure we just completed on Broadway this is just to help relieve some storm water issues that we know have been there for a long time," said Brunke.

Brunke said funding for the project is part of the Capital Improvement Plan. She expects the construction to start sometime around the first of October and take a minimum of six months to complete.

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