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CVS Requiring ID to Buy Nail Polish Remover


It's not uncommon to get carded when buying things like alcohol or even some over-the counter cough syrup.

But now, CVS Pharmacy customers are being asked for their I.D. when buying a more common household product.

That's if you're buying nail polish remover the next time you're shopping at a CVS Pharmacy because of a new corporate policy.

The store is also limiting the number of bottles you can purchase.

A sign located near where the bottles are located states you must now be 18-years-of-age to purchase the product due to state law.

They say that other restrictions may apply.

The store says this all has to do with meth.

Nail polish remover contains acetone and that's another ingredient used to make the drug.

However, some aren't too happy with the change.

"My first reaction was, are you kidding?" said Jenny Judd.

"Are you serious, again? Something else?" said Brenda Lawler.

In recent years, federal laws were enacted to require pharmacies to ask for I.D. when customers tried to buy cold and allergy medicines containing pseudo-ephedrine, a key ingredient in the manufacturing of meth.

Customers say enough is enough.

"I'm tired of being treated like a criminal," said Lawler.

"I do understand that there is a reason for it, but where does it stop?" says Judd.

The new policy has only been in pace for a few weeks now.

The store is in the works to implement the policy nationwide.

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