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Sheriff by day, rocker by night


It is not your typical night job, especially for someone with a very specialized day job.

You might have seen him out on the roads in Madison County, or maybe you've have heard him on the radio and didn't even know it.

The difference in Sheriff Bobby Spain's weekly schedule is like night and day.

"For four hours my phone won't ring and I don't have to answer a call," said Spain.

Spain says music is his release. 

He's used to lights, in more ways than one. 

"I love my job," said the sheriff. "I love what I do here. I love working for the people."

In Madison County, Mo. he's known as Sheriff Spain.

"There's not a lot of breaks," he said. "The phone calls don't end. I get phone calls periodically through the night."

However, when he does get some time off, the sheriff hits the stage.

"My day job is quite different than what I call my vice," Spain said.

You'll find his black boots, tapping along to the beat.

"I've played in front of crowds as much as 5,000 people," he said. "You can't describe it. It's an adrenaline rush."

Every weekend, it's out with the badge and in with the band. 

"What a contrast of what we think that law enforcement usually does. But it also brings to light that they have a life outside their law enforcement job," said a member of the audience at his last show.

It may seem like two different worlds.

"I've always known him as Bobby the musician and friend for so many years, it's funny seeing him as a sheriff," said Shannon Cox, band manager.

But the same reason he loves his day job, makes every gig that much better.

"Serving people. He has that same heart when it comes to music. He wants to put a smile on someone's face and when he's serving his community he makes sure folks have a nice town to live in," Matt Pratt, band member, said. 

For Bobby, or Sheriff Spain, it's not about the money.

"I'm playing for fun tonight, nothing else, you know?" said Spain.

It's about doing what he loves both on the stage and off. 

If you want to go hear Sheriff Spain and the rest of Black Diamond Band play, visit the band's website here.

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