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Heartland Health Headlines

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Doctors discover another health benefit from chocolate, and new research shows a link between a common skin condition and other serious health problems.

Researchers are the University of Pennsylvania followed more than 9,000 Psoriasis patients. They found ad the severity of the skin disease increased, so did the patients chances of pulmonary disease, diabetes, liver disease, heart attack and vascular disease. 

Psoriasis causes increased inflammation. It is the most common auto immune disease, affecting as many as 7.5 million Americans. 

Obesity rates are actually dropped among some children. The CDC said for the first time in decades, obesity rates for low income preschoolers fell slightly in 18 states. 

There may be a sweet way to keep your brain healthy, hot chocolate. Scientists at Harvard Medical School gave 60 older adults two cups of hot chocolate everyday for a month.

Patients who had poor blood flow in the brain at the beginning of the study saw major improvements 30 days later, and they performed better on memory tests. 

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