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Efforts to make certain outdoor areas in U.S. smoke-free


The next step in the fight against smoking is moving to parks, beaches and college campuses.

Smoking bans have nearly doubled in the last five years, with the tally now at nearly 2,600 and more are in the works.

A doctor told Heartland News that she is in favor of even outdoor smoking bans because she says any exposure to second hand smoke is not good.

"Any exposure puts you in danger," said Vascular Surgeon Dr. Colleen Moore. "The smallest amount of nicotine causes inflammation in those vessels and puts you at risk for developing, arteriosclerosis which will subsequently cause heart attacks, strokes, peripheral vascular disease and can prompt aneurysm formation."

What is interesting is what local businesses think of smoking bans in general.

Broadway Biergarten is a new place that just opened up on Broadway in Cape Girardeau

Owner Rob Foeste says they decided to go smoke free not because he is against smoking, but because right now smoke free is better for business.

"I specifically believe that it is the business owner's choice on whether they want to go smoke free or not," said Foeste. "Really, the public is going to dictate it and right now they are definitely dictating towards smoke free."

Banning outdoor smoking seems to be a trend that is growing. However, we are not aware of any push in the Heartland as of yet.

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