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Meridian School District housed under one roof


Students in the Meridian School District will have some new changes to get used to with the first day of school.

The high school will now house students from all grade levels after toxic mold was found in the middle school.

Teachers at Meridians High School are busy putting the final changes up in their classrooms.

They are getting ready for roughly 600 students to walk through the doors come Tuesday morning.

"It's going to be two buildings in one," says Elementary School Principal Brent Boren

He wants his kids not to feel out of place in the new space.

"I want them to walk in and say 'wow,' you know we get to start school in this new area and really try to make it homey for them," Boren said.

The split schedule will work like this:

Pre-kindergarten through second grade and seventh through 12th grade will attend class from 7 a.m. until noon.

Kids in grades three through six will arrive at noon and stay until 5 p.m.

"There are going to be kinks we are going to have to work through but we are going to operate as normal as we possibly can," said Boren.

Karla Bennett, whose child and 2 grand kids will be rerouted to the high school says her main concern is about their education.

"It doesn't matter that they can fit all of these kids together at one time, it's will they get the education they need and will they be safe," Bennett said.

She's says she not of fan of the change-but knows the school board has no other option.

However, Bennett says she still has concerns.

"Will they have the room that they need and the space that they need and the materials that they need to teach our children?"

District officials are confident that they will.

As for the future of the district, the school board has not made a decision on whether they will bring in portable classrooms-clean out the old school or condemn it.

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