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Start of school year brings stress


Students in the Heartland will be back in the classroom in just a few days.

And along with school work, comes stress.

Parents and counselors say it's all about time management.

Getting off to a good start and managing expectations can also curb stress.

But a stress free school year starts with setting priorities.

"Some kids can handle more than others. You have to know yourself. Parents, you have to know your kids," said Melanie Duncan, a guidance counselor at Jackson High School.

She says student expectations rise every year.

From graduation requirements to college admission standards, students have to do more every year.

"So there is more expected of them, but we have more things in place to help the kids get through and make sure they're maintaining their grades and making it through those classes that may be a little more difficult for some of them," Duncan said.

Duncan says parents play a big role in their child's success at school.

She says writing down a weekly plan with your child and making a set schedule can help them deal with stress.

"Once a habit starts, it's hard to break, so don't wait until the last minute," said Tara Patterson, a parent of four school aged children in East Prairie.

Patterson also says she helps her kids stick to the same routine outside the classroom.

"I make sure that schoolwork is done first, then playtime. And while they do playtime, I do dinner," she said.

But every student will need a stress reliever at some point during the year.

And Patterson and Duncan agree that some downtime can be the right medicine.

"You just let them go and say hey, you go and have you time," Patterson said.

If you feel like your child is incapacitated by stress, you'll want to seek professional help from a child psychologist.

But with stress, prevention is key.

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