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Heartland parents work from home, save money


More Americans are working from home, allowing them to save on daycare costs and spend time with their children.

A recent study out of Stanford University shows that 10 percent of Americans now work from home.

Jennifer Webb started working from home after she had her son, Cohen. She says working from home makes sense financially.

"I was a certified veterinarian technician,” Webb said. “I did that up until I had him. It (my income) would probably come very close if not making a little bit more now."

Webb runs her own small business called The Green Weasel. She makes and sells baby hats and other clothes.

However, that’s not all she does.

"We do have almost 50 chickens," Webb said.

She gathers the eggs and sells them locally. Plus, little Cohen loves to help out, especially in the garden.

"I don't have to buy vegetables at the store,” Webb said. “We just use what we have here. That helps with the grocery bill."

Webb says taking care of her son, running her business, growing her vegetables, and raising chickens leaves her little time for herself. However, she says she loves what she does.

“I am proud of what I do and the way I do it,” Webb said.

Another working-from-home parent says working from home enables her to take care of her child.

“I'm a single mom who works from home full time for a software company,” Christina Merlotti said. “It's been a wonderful thing for both myself and my son.”

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