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No criminal prosecution in Carbondale death investigation


The Jackson County State's Attorney now says there is not enough evidence right now to support a criminal prosecution in the Molly Young case.

Molly Young died of a gunshot wound last year in Carbondale.

The jury in a coroner's inquest earlier this year was "undecided" on whether her death was the result an accident, suicide, or homicide.

Molly Young's family has garnered new support from thousands of Facebook fans who demand justice in this case.

State's Attorney Michael Carr said if new evidence becomes available, he would consider that information.

But as of now there are no charges in the case. 

Michael Carr released this statement:

"I have reviewed the evidence in the Molly Young case and have consulted over the past months with the family of Molly Young, the investigators from the Illinois State Police (ISP) and the lawyers in my office. In deciding whether to bring a criminal charge, my role as State's Attorney is to determine whether there is sufficient admissible evidence to convince twelve out of twelve people, beyond a reasonable doubt, that a criminal offense has been committed.  I do not close investigations.  The admissible evidence available to me through the State Police investigation was publically disclosed, for the most part, through sworn testimony by State Police Officers at the coroner's inquest months ago. Based upon my review of the evidence at this point, the investigation presented to me has not resulted in sufficient evidence to support a criminal prosecution. I have expressed to both the Illinois State Police and to the family of Molly Young previously that should additional become available, I will be consider it."

The Heartland News iTeam is looking into this case.

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