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Grieving mother works to keep others safe


It's a parent's nightmare … getting in a car wreck and losing two daughters.

"I assumed no one was there, well come to find out the other people said they didn't see me either," said Jamie Vires.

August 3 marks one year since Vires and her daughters were in a car wreck in Dunklin County.

Vires and her 16th month old survived, while 6 and 9-year-olds Brooklyn and Brittlyn died in the crash.

"It's coming up real fast, it snuck up on us too, I couldn't believe it's a year already," said Scottie Vires.

"Even as I stand here now talking to you I feel like I just want to cry, but I feel like something good is being done out of it," said Jamie Vires.

Vires worked with MoDOT and Governor Jay Nixon's office to get signs on the rural roadway. The signs tell drivers to slow down around dangerous intersections, or warn drivers of an upcoming stop sign.

"10 miles per hour may not mean much of a difference to a lot of people but it can make a difference between life and death," said Vires.

"Hopefully it saves somebody else life," said Scottie Vires.

Jamie Vires said she wants to keep the girls' memories alive. But these signs aren't just for her daughters, they're for the other drivers, to prevent future wrecks and future deaths.

"That's just not something you think about all the time when you come up to an intersection, is how dangerous it actually is, so maybe with the signs out there it could save someone else," said Vires.

"People don't like to pay attention to the signs, but when they know it's out there to try to save lives and all that hopefully they will work," said Scottie Vires.

Now Vires hopes these signs will show up on other rural roads to prevent dangerous wrecks. Vires said she just wants people to slow down and be careful when behind the wheel.

"Losing a life is a big price to pay to save a couple of minutes," said Vires.

While the signs keep Brittlyn and Brooklyn's memories alive, and help other drivers stay safe, the also give a little something to Vires.

"When the girls died, I felt the lowest of the low, I thought what kind of mother am I, I survived and they died, so now it makes me feel a little, maybe not better, it makes me feel more accomplished," said Vires.

The Vires family will host a candlelight vigil for Brittlyn and Brooklyn Saturday August 3, 2013 at 7 p.m. at the Ernie Woodall Memorial Park in Clarkton, Missouri.

You can also check out the bike rally and poker run on September 7, 2013. It will start in Wardell and is $10 per bike. All proceeds will go to the family's medical bills.

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