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U.S. Postal Service fighting to change laws to ship spirits


Alcohol by mail. Getting your favorite beer or wine delivered right to your front door is an idea from the postal service that has some local wine and beer makers excited.

With the US Postal Service strapped for cash, this idea, it estimates will mean thousands of new jobs and $50 million a year in revenue.

And many local breweries like the idea of tapping in.

"My wife and I both just really enjoy drinking beer just like everyone else does," said Ken Rhude, owner of Little Egypt Beer.

Rhude knows a thing or two about what goes in to making a quality brew of beer.

He's working on getting thousands of others to share in his experience through his small town brewery.

"This is kind of where the rubber meets the road at the smallest scale. So people get to come in and really experience what it is that we do here," he said.

He says people from just about every corner of the U.S. have sipped on his homemade blend, a taste he says you wouldn't normally find on store shelves.

That's where the trouble lies.

"At the time I wasn't able to send them back with product," he said.

He's already working on distributing his product to local shops-but he's only able to go so far.

"Load it up on the truck and drive it there," said Rhude.

Being able to ship the beer anywhere in the country would mean good business for small community breweries.

"We would be able to ship beer as they wanted it. if they really like our product we can keep them stocked."

And more beer would mean Ken is going to need some more help.

"So if there are additional revenue areas for us like shipping beer within the state or even out of the state that would allow us to immediately consider hiring new people," he said.

Fed Ex and UPS can already ship the products.

The service would also have to figure out a way to meet the terms with various state laws.

Many of which do not allow the shipment of alcohol bottles across state lines.

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