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State Representative Mike Bost seeks congressional seat


Illinois State Representative Mike Bost, R-115th District says he's ready to take the next step up in politics.

Representative Bost is seeking the 12th Congressional District Seat, currently held by Democratic Congressman Bill Enyart.

Bost says one of the reasons he wants to take on Washington D.C., is to provide a better future for his grand children.

"I've got nine grand kids, and what's happening in Washington D.C. is very detrimental to them right now," said Bost. " I feel like it's important for their future and the future of all the children in southern Illinois, as well as the citizens of southern Illinois that they're given a strong voice to standup against many of the things."

Some of the issues Bost says the nation is facing is the national debt, and immigration reform.

"We've got to stop the debt and wasteful spending. We're up to $49,000 of debt for every man, woman and child in the United States" said Bost.

And there are other issues that he wants to work on if he is elected to represent southern Illinois on Capital Hill.

"We've got enough coal and oil here in Illinois to power the nation for many years to come. We have to quit relying upon resources from other countries and make use of the ones we have right here in this country."

Representative Bost has served in the Illinois Legislature since 1995.

Before getting involved in politics, Bost served in the U.S. Marine Corps, and a firefighter along with a business owner in his hometown of Murphysboro.

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