Monday morning online trends 7/22

(KFVS) - Here's a look at the top online headlines for Monday morning.

Of course one of the top stories on everyone's mind is the birth of the royal baby. The Duchess of Cambridge went into labor early Monday morning and the world has been glued to the story since.

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The demand for high tech homes is on the rise.

Analysts expect the home tech business to jump 50 percent worldwide over the next four years.

Also making headlines this morning, Apple has bought online mapping services HopStop and Locationary as part of its ongoing efforts to create a more formidable alternative to Google's navigation systems.

Falling TVs are apparently resulting in a rising number of injuries and even deaths in children.

Some have called the new findings "alarming."

The new study was published Monday morning and doctors and safety experts are saying better awareness is needed about the dangers of falling televisions.

Most injuries are in children under the age of five.

Head and neck injuries, including concussions, are the most common.

It's unclear from the data what type of TV sets are involved in the accidents or whether older, heavier models are the common culprit.

Recent revelations about government surveillance aren't just sparking debate, but actual changes in the online habits of many people.

Reactions include scaling back Facebook posts and using encryption programs for chats and emails.

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