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Apps to help you beat the heat


It's been scorching hot over the last couple of days.

The heat index has been more than 100 for parts of the Heartland.

But that hasn't kept some people from enjoying the sun, whether it be by the pool or in the park.

And there are a few smart phone apps that can help you stay cool this summer.

If you're in the sun, you need to be aware of the UV index, which tells us how much of the sun's harmful rays are coming through.

The higher the number, the less time you should be out in the sun.

The UV Meter gives an idea of what the UV index is.

"I believe the forecast I saw for our area was about a 9 or 10, so we could get to that number. But right now, a 7.7, let's call it an 8, not too far off," said meteorologist Laura Wibbenmeyer.

If you're out by the pool, you'll want a cold drink nearby.

The Water Lite app tells you how much water you should be drinking every day based on your weight.


It can even give you a reminder if you went too long without a sip of water to make sure you don't get dehydrated.

And people working construction in need to stay cool.

The Heat Safety Tool from OSHA can calculate the heat index, and it gives workers tips on how much they should drink and what to do if a coworker suffers heat related illness.

Also, anyone can download the First Aid app from the American Red Cross for warning signs of heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

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