Friday morning online trends 7/19

(KFVS) - Here's a snapshot of some of Friday's online trends.

The dog days of summer seem to be upon us officially and beating the heat may be a tough thing to do.

Over at there's a slideshow of creative ways to stay cool.

There are a variety of things featured, including a kiddie pool full of ice, running through a sprinkler, and even putting ice in a bra...that one may be strictly for the ladies.

Click here to see the full list.

Photobombing is a big trend online. Kids, adults, even animals are getting in on it.

But there's a photobombing happening Friday afternoon that could top all photobombs.

Around 4:27 on Friday, you can go outside, wave at the sky and be a part of the first ever interplanetary photobomb.

NASA will be taking pictures of Earth through Saturn's rings and they're asking you to go outside and join in on the picture.

It's rare to get these types of pictures so this will be a special opportunity.

The event is being called "Wave at Saturn" and you can click here to get more information on how to get involved.

A viral video is grabbing attention for its startling statistics and information.

Food waste is something we're all familiar with and probably guilty of doing.

But sometimes it takes a video telling us exactly what the numbers are and who exactly is affected by food waste to get us thinking.

A picture has been making its way around the web and has a lot of people talking.

It's a list of what things like houses, college tuition and groceries cost back in 1962.

Prices were much different during that time than they are now, but to be fair, the average income per year was about $5,500 back then and inflation must also be accounted for.

It's summertime, so that means it's time for the beach.

But before you hit the shore, USA Today has a list of things you shouldn't do at the beach.

Most of the things are common sense, like don't shake your towel off on others, don't leave trash behind, etc.

Of course, the best policy is to be considerate, use common sense and pay attention.

You can find the full list of beach etiquette points here.

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