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Keep kids cool in Summer's heat


Even when it’s toasty outside, a lot of kids, including Brittany Price’s two boys, like to play outdoors.

"Of course, what kid doesn't...they love it," said Price.

But kids and elderly are more vulnerable to the extreme heat.

"Overheating and not staying hydrated that's my main concern," said Price.

"Their bodies just aren't capable of regulating that temperature," said Amy Smith with the Cape Girardeau County Public Health Department.

As the Price boys played on the playground on Wednesday, they preferred to sit in the shade.

"Unfortunately not everybody has an air conditioner so whatever little bit of comfort you can get," said Smith.

So parents like Price have to find ways to keep their kids cool.

"We love the slip in slide, you like the slip in slide? Yeah" said Price.

To keep your kids cool:

  • Make sure they drink plenty of water and steer clear of caffeine and sugary drinks.
  • You can run cool water on their wrists or temples to keep their body temperature down.
  • Some people suggest pre-cooling your car before the kids get in.
  • Try hitting the pool.
  • Wear light, loose clothing.
  • Don’t forget about your kids or pets in a locked car.
  • Stay indoors during the hottest parts of the day.

"Lunch time is a good time we go inside we go inside and have our quiet time and that's when it's the hottest and we'll go back out after dinner when it's kind of cooled off out there," said Price.

"In the heat children don't realize when they're getting too hot,” said Smith.

"When we're out there I make sure we just keep it cool and keep it safe," said Price.

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