Tuesday morning online trends 7/16

(KFVS) - Here's some of Tuesday morning's top online trends.

Tiny living seems to be the new trend and one couple's story has gone viral after they built their micro home from scratch!

The couple, from Washington, built themselves a house that is about 140 square feet in size.

They say they did it to cut costs but it has also helped them to be closer and nicer to one another.

Click here to see a video about the couple and their unique living space.

A woman from Scotland has Lou Gehrig's Disease and it has paralyzed her, but hasn't stopped her from realizing her dream of creating art.

She uses a mind-controlled computer to control digital brushes, shapes and colors.

Donations raised for the woman have made it possible for her artwork to be printed, framed and displayed at art shows.

Research shows that only about four percent of households tune into sports on cable.

That may seem surprising, but this has started to have an impact on the cost of television services.

Cable companies are having to shell out large amounts of money to pay for sports networks even though the number of those watching is low which in turn drives up the cost of TV.

AT&T and DIRECTV have already made cuts on certain sports channels.

This may mean bad news for sports fans, but if you're not a person who's into sports this is good news.

Cable companies are wanting to cut the sports channels to help drive down the cost of services.

Several different web sites feature an eye-catching map that represents tweets from large cities.

What's interesting about the map is that it features different colored dots for iPhone or Android use.

There's some breaking news out of the tech world Tuesday morning!

AT&T has announced it will offer a new plan that will allow users to upgrade their phones or other devices on a yearly basis.

The announcement came late Monday night and seems to be a direct reaction to T-Mobile's "Jump Plan" that was announced last week.

The new AT&T plan would allow you to buy a phone or tablet, pay on it for 12 months and then exchange it for something else.

Or you can keep it and continue to make payments.

Some are calling this a type of smart phone rental program.

Click here to learn more about the new plan.

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