Friday morning online trends 7/12

(KFVS) - Friday is finally here and there's some interesting things getting attention online this morning.

Huffington Post has an article that features which songs people are most likely to misunderstand.

Most of the songs on the list probably wouldn't surprise you such as Tiny Dancer, Bad Moon Rising, and Blinded by the Light.

Click here to check out the list and see what some people thought the songs were's pretty entertaining!

TV is about to go to the dogs...quite literally!

Next month, DIRECTV will be offering DOGTV, which is designed especially for our canine friends.

It will go nationwide August 1 and it is designed to help dogs with things like relaxation, stimulation and other dog-related aspects.

This program has been four years in the making.

Of course one of the big obstacles is how to persuade businesses to advertise to a canine audience.

Starting Friday, Sprint customers will be offered a new cell phone plan.

It's called the Sprint Unlimited Guarantee and it basically ensures unlimited texting, calling and data use for the life of a serviced line.

It is available for all existing and new customers through Sprint.

Learn more about this here.

It seems like these days you can rent almost anything you would need or want.

So why not a satellite orbiting through space?

Starting August 4, the International Space Station will be putting a satellite into space that will be available for rent!

It will cost you about $250 a week and you would be able to use it for whatever you wish.

Suggested uses include taking pictures, using the satellite's light sensors or magnetometer.

Get the full details on the rentable satellite here.

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