Thursday morning online trends 7/11

(KFVS) - Here's a look at the top online and technology trends that you'll want to know about for Thursday.

A new pen available with a special microchip can help you spell and write better.

The smart pen works by monitoring writing using sensors.

The sensors then send signals to a database that cause the pen to vibrate when a word is misspelled or when the user is writing too sloppily.

There are other pens like this on the market, but this pen is unique in that it doesn't require special paper to write with it.

There seems to be good news for T-Mobile users.

The company is now allowing customers to upgrade phones twice a year.

The program is called the 'Jump Plan' and it costs an extra $10 a month.

T-Mobile's CEO says they're wanting to get rid of customers having to be locked into a phone for two years.

Click here to learn the full details about the new plan.

It's not everyday that a video goes viral and is over 70 years old, but one rare clip of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt has taken the Internet by storm.

Recently discovered film footage shows FDR being pushed in a wheelchair.

The footage was found by an Indiana college professor.

The iconic president's paralytic disease was very extensive and was kept out of the public eye for many years.

Bill Cosby's official web site has launched a tournament designed to crown the all-time best Cosby sweater.

The tourney started with a bracket of 32 sweaters and is winding down, but it's still time to get your vote in.

If you click here you can check out the bracket and place your vote for your favorite sweater.

We're getting an up-close look at the devastation from the Yarnell Hill fire in Arizona.

Families spent Wednesday sifting through the ashes of what was left of their homes, looking for things that survived the fire.

One couple was able to find a small piece of hope in the ashes.

Larry and Patti McCracken thought they had lost everything when their home was destroyed, but while digging in the rubble they found Patti's wedding ring.

Patti said they just turned over a rock and the ring was right underneath it.

She also says she feels like they have come full circle and that they are going to dust themselves off and move forward.

Authorities announced Wednesday that the fire was 100 percent contained, which was another piece of good news for those picking up the pieces after the tragedy of the fire.

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