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Smart Diapers could be the new wave of wearable technology.
Smart Diapers could be the new wave of wearable technology.

(KFVS) - Here's a peek at some of the top online and tech trends for Wednesday morning.

The recent NSA leaks have many of us wondering about the safety of our personal information.

However, a recent poll from the discount and coupon web site,, shows that some of us would be willing to share our info for a price.

Based on the survey, 67 percent of people said they would give up some of their data in exchange for a discount on a purchase.

Also as part of that poll, 23 percent said no they would not share their information and 10 percent said that they would.

A farmer had to take quick action after a fire broke out in his field and the video is going viral.

In the clip, the farmer can be seen digging a fire line very close to the fire in order to stop it from spreading.

The blaze reportedly started after a thunderstorm and due to the farmer's actions, the majority of the 80-acre field was saved.

Click here to watch the video of farmer versus fire!

Wearable technology, like Google Glass, is a really big trend right now.

Now, Smart Diapers may potentially be the newest wave of technology that we're wearing and it's creating a buzz online.

The diapers would be designed to have a patch on the front that would detect proteins in the contents of the diaper.

After detecting the proteins, the patch would change color and could be able to detect health problems like infections, kidney issues and even diabetes.

The parent then takes pictures of the patch and sends it to a database to be analyzed.

These aren't available yet, but the company is working to raise the money and if everything goes as planned, the diapers could roll out as soon as this fall.

You can watch the intro video for the diapers here.

A toddler in Oregon managed to buy a car without even knowing what was happening!

This is definitely one of those smart-phone-gone-wrong stories.

The toddler's dad got a notice from eBay congratulating him on his purchase of a gently used classic car for just over $200.

Mom and dad were both concerned when they heard what the toddler had purchased.

They say she was able to open the eBay app on her dad's cell phone and bought the car without even knowing what she was doing.

Dad says he would like to keep the car and restore it and give it to his daughter for her 16th birthday or maybe graduation.

He also says he has now activated facial recognition technology and has a new code in case she tries to go on a shopping spree again.

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