Tuesday morning online trends 7/09

(KFVS) - Lots of popular things floating around the web Tuesday morning and here's a look at the top trends.

A viral commercial is stirring up interest and some confusion.

An ad for Samsung Iceland takes a swing at Apple...using an actual apple!

The ad shows a man trying to use an apple to make calls and play games, but obviously he doesn't have much luck with that.

The point is to show users that Samsung offers phones that "understand them."

Click here to watch the ad and see what you think.

Summer is a time when kids get a break to have fun, go outside and play games.

However, it may be a challenge to keep boredom at bay after a while.

An online summer camp is trending as it brings education and creativity to teens over the summer months.

Maker Camp on Google+ is free and is available July 8 through August 16.

Part of the program involves field trips with the likes of Pixar and NASA.

The camp also helps kids get crafty with do-it-yourself projects.

It's educational and is based on science, math and technology skills and it also sparks creativity with those crafty projects.

You can sign your kid up and get more information by clicking here.

Models are usually fairly young, it's just the way of the business.

But a woman who may be the world's oldest working model is breaking that stereotype.

Carmen Dell'Orefice is an 82-year-old who has been modeling since she was 15.

She is now gracing the cover of YOU magazine, which has pushed her back into the spotlight.

Facebook's Graph Search was enabled on Monday for all users and it's generating a buzz online.

The new search allows users to have a more in-depth search experience.

It only searches things on Facebook like pictures, events, people, etc. so the search wouldn't be used as an actual web search, contrary to what some thought.

Graph Search is more comprehensive so Facebook users should take a look at privacy settings to ensure information doesn't show up in a search for anyone outside of their sharing circle.

Click here to take a tour of Graph Search and find out how it will change your Facebook experience.

In America, a tan is something many of us strive for. But in China, it's a different story!

A new mask, dubbed the 'face-kini', has come to China and is providing those who wear it with complete sun coverage.

In that country, many people do not want a tan, especially in the facial area.

You can take a look at the mask here.

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