Friday morning online trends 7/05

(KFVS) - Here's a look at the top online and tech trends for Friday morning.

Independence Day has come and gone, but after a holiday many of us are left feeling nostalgic.

The Shoebox app has been around a while and can help you upload and organize your digital photos.

But a new update to the app has given users the ability to archive uploaded photos directly to their family trees.

The online genealogy site bought the app last fall and recent updates have made it more integrated with the web site.

Shoebox used to be a social media-type app, but with the new changes, it's more or less strictly for use with

Even more changes are expected to come to the app later this year.

One trend is really getting into the heads of some people...quite literally!

A new concept for advertising would put ads directly into a person's head using vibrating windows on trains. is reporting that in places like Germany, when a passenger rests their head on a commuter train window, they can hear an ad that is only audible to the person leaning on that window.

The ads work through a system that plays to the person's inner ear through bone conduction.

Of course this is raising privacy concerns as well as concerns over the fact that the ads work through windows, which a lot of commuters lean on when they're sleeping.

A viral video about a duck who seems to be a little spoiled is making the rounds online.

The darling duckling gets a bath, dried with a blow dryer!

Click here to watch the full video.

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