Monday morning online trends 7/01

(KFVS) - Here's some of the top stories grabbing attention online Monday morning.

Edward Snowden has become a household name following his leaks of NSA information.

A new game allows players to get a feel for what it would be like to actually be in Snowden's shoes.

Featured on, the game called Snowden's Leaks The Game, gives the player a chance to try and gather as much NSA data as possible from computers and put it onto a flash drive.

All of this must be done without being caught on camera, by the NSA or even President Barack Obama.

Creators say it only took about three days to make the game.

Click here to check out the game and find out how you can play.

A viral picture of some cookies is getting lots of attention online.

Much of the western parts of America continue to bake in a heat wave and one meteorologist seized the moment and baked some a van!

It was done on the van's dashboard in Phoenix and after four hours, the cookies were crispy enough to eat.

Car temperatures in the area that day reached 200 degrees.

Check out the picture of the cookies baking here.

When it comes to where food comes from, sometimes ignorance is bliss.

But one viral video shows us that coffee is not so bad even when it's broken down into details.

The video, from Wired Magazine, goes through all the technical jargon like the chemicals that make up coffee.

It also discusses the health benefits of coffee like the fact that it can protect the brain from free radical damage.

You don't have to pay much attention to online trends to know what readers are interested in.

Mostly it's eye-catching, interesting, and entertaining things.

A new graphic puts that into perspective.

The graphic features different colors and sizes of words that are most and least clicked on all over the web.

You can check out the graphic here and get a better feel for those things that are getting the most and least attention online.

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