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Scott County Jail goes 'cashless'


Scott County Sheriff Rick Walter says the county jail has gone cashless.

On June 20, the Scott County Jail went live with an EZ Card Technology, according to Walter.

He says the technology will provide remote inmate money loads to inmate accounts through internet or telephone, inmate booking load and EZ debit card release.

Also, Walter says family members can put money on an inmate’s account by using the self-service kiosk located in the lobby of the jail by using the secure website or by calling a toll-free number at 888-497-2387.

There is a second self-service kiosk located in the booking department of the Scott County Jail, which allows inmates to load their own money into the kiosk and get a receipt.

This receipt goes into the inmate’s property bag.

Upon release, the jail staff can load the inmate’s funds directly onto an EZ Exit debit card which is a pin-based debit card that will allow the ex-inmate to have the funds immediately available for withdrawal from over 900,000 ATM’s nationwide.

Sheriff Walter requested that the clerk’s office get on board with this program in order to be able to provide more options to people for posting bail. In the past, prisoners had only two options for posting bail: call a bail bondsman or arrange for a friend or family member to bring cash or certified check to the jail.

Sheriff Walter says people usually have a credit or debit card when they are arrested and now those cards can be used to bond the person out.

Currently, only inmates in the Scott County Jail can use a credit card or debit card to bail themselves out, if they have a Scott County bond.

The sheriff hopes to soon include out of county and out of state bonds.

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