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DOC tags geese in Cape Girardeau County


Missouri Department of Conservation agents are visiting Cape Girardeau County parks Thursday to find and tag geese.

The purpose of the project is to learn more about the species and help control the population.

Dozens of agents checked the bands already on some geese and entered them in a database to keep track of where the animals have traveled.

They also put new bands on the birds that were not previously banded.

Kids also got the chance for an up-close look at the geese by helping band and release them.

"Some of the data that we're getting already is showing us that these geese are being harvested by local hunters and even getting harvested as far south as Arkansas and even as far north as Minnesota and Wisconsin," said Matt Bowyer, Missouri Department of Conservation. "So, these geese do move some but not as much as other populations. They don't just live right here and that's what we're learning from this data."

The agents are visiting Capaha Park and other public parks in the county, as well as a few privately owned areas.

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