Monday morning online trends 6/24

(KFVS) - The Internet is buzzing this Monday morning with some trending topics. Here's a look at the stories getting attention.

Nearly every kid wants to grow up and do something exciting but also make some good money.

Yahoo has created a list of some jobs that are not only exciting but also pay well.

Some of those making the list that may not be shocking like police officer and fashion designer, while some may be a little surprising like a Public Relations Specialist and Marketing Manager.

You can check out all the jobs Yahoo added to this category by clicking here.

An amusement park in Mexico is causing some controversy with a border crossing simulator.

The simulator is a 4-mile hike that takes participants through the experience of trying to cross the U.S. border from Mexico.

The aim is to educate people on the dangers of border crossing and to discourage further immigration problems.

As part of the hike, some are ambushed by border guards, arrested, even blindfolded and kidnapped.

The cost is $20 a person and the park expects more visitors to the simulator if the United States heightens border security.

These days, who has the time to watch 6 months worth of trending videos?

Once again, the Internet has helped us use less time and energy by making a compilation video of the best videos from the web over the last 6 months.

It's worth the time to take a minute and watch as it features some of the most exciting and interesting videos the web has to offer.

Click here to check out the full compilation.

The death of James Gandolfini shook the entertainment world as well as his many fans.

So BuzzFeed has put together a list of the best pictures of James Gandolfini smiling.

The list is designed to help perk up those who are feeling down about the passing of the star, best known for his role on The Sopranos.

Click here to see some of the best pictures in the Gandolfini smile library.

One dog has created a silver lining to a tragic situation.

After a fire destroyed a home in Pennsylvania and killed the woman and her brother who were inside, their dog was presumed dead.

But four days after the fire, the dog was found in the home inside of a backpack, alive and well.

The dog is now being cared for by family.

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