Friday morning online trends 6/21

(KFVS) - Friday morning is a good one for online trends and here's the scoop on some of the top ones.

There's good news for those who live in Cape Girardeau and Jackson, Missouri.

The towns have made the number 5 spot on the list for the top 8 least expensive places to live.

Things that help qualified the towns for the list is the lower unemployment rates, overall cost of living and property taxes.

Instagram is not just for pictures anymore, you can now share videos.

The announcement came from Facebook on Thursday that users will now be able to share 15-second videos and also a new editing feature.

The app is now available for Apple and Android devices.

Oreo fans have had mixed reactions over the new watermelon-flavored cookies released to Target stores in early June.

The limited edition watermelon flavor was chosen, according to a spokesperson, because it's a summer flavor that "goes great" with the vanilla cookie.

A United Airlines flight is causing quite a stir Friday morning as passengers had to endure a 10-hour flight with no toilet paper.

The passengers were given cocktail napkins to use in lieu of toilet paper.

Some are not surprised by this following United Airlines recently being named the worst airline in America.

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