Wednesday morning online trends 6/19

(KFVS) - Wednesday morning has some interesting online trends to offer. Here's a look at some of the top stories.

There's a new app available called "Snapcat" and it allows your cat to take pictures of itself!

How does this happen, you ask?

The app has an icon that roams around the screen, getting the cat's attention.

The cat then hits the button and the app will snap a picture.

Pretty ingenious! You can take a look at more details on the app here.

A trending video of women surfing in stilettos is getting a lot of attention online.

A group of women from Russia competing in Indonesia had to surf while donning some pretty high heels.

The video is interesting to watch and will more than likely impress you a lot!

You can watch it here.

There's another trending story floating around about a man in a pink raincoat who robbed a store in Thailand for $71.

Not strange enough for you? Well good news, it gets better.

The man then went back to the store that he robbed to return 35 cents in hopes that he would get into less trouble.

No word on what charges will be filed against the man.

A video of a snake that can open a door on its own is creating a buzz.

The huge snake can be seen opening the handle to a door and then flopping on the floor after opening it.

Fair warning, though, if you're not a fan of snakes the video may be a bit much for you to watch.

If you dare, you can take a peek at the video here.

Lil' Wayne is in the middle of another controversy.

In a recent music video, Lil' Wayne can be seen stomping on an American flag.

The singer took to Twitter and Facebook saying he never meant to offend anyone or disrespect the flag.

Some say he's trying to make a statement, while he claims it was innocent.

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