Tuesday morning online trends 6/18

(KFVS) - Here's a look at some of the big stories getting attention online Tuesday morning.

Ever wish you could experience the smells of Honey Boo Boo and her family?

Well now you can thanks to some special "watch 'n sniff" episodes as part of the upcoming season.

Viewers can get special scratch and sniff cards that coordinate with the scenes in the episode.

Good news for those who use Instagram!

Users soon may be able to upload 5 to 10 second videos in addition to pictures.

The announcement, according to TechCrunch, is supposed to come from Facebook later this week.

No official word on this yet, so we will have to wait and see if the announcement comes.

A video is trending that involves two adorable babies and a couple of rubber bands.

The twins in the clip really seem to be enjoying themselves and the video is sure to brighten your day if you need a pick-me-up.

You can watch the viral clip here.

Another video continues to grab attention Tuesday morning.

The video of Miss Utah in the Miss USA Pageant has gone viral.

During the pageant, the contestant is asked a question about income inequality and she has a little trouble answering.

Some say Miss Utah totally bombed and should have been more educated on the issues, while others say she should get a break because there is a lot of pressure involved with a pageant atmosphere.

Click here to watch the video and see what you think.

A picture of a special moment has gone viral...twice!

The wedding photographer for a Marine and his bride snapped a picture of the couple sharing a prayer together before their special ceremony.

The picture first went viral in January and recently went viral again after a story in the New York Times.

You can take a look at the picture here.

A new word has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary and it may surprise you.

"Tweet" is now officially a word along with other tech words like "geekery", "e-reader", and "live-blogging."

Normally a word has to be current for at least 10 years before it is added to the books, but Oxford's editor in chief says "tweet" is catching on so they made an exception.

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