Friday morning online trends 6/14

(KFVS) - The average American will spend about $120 to honor dad on his special day, so it makes sense that Father's Day is trending online this Friday morning. Here's some ideas to help celebrate dad.

If you're tired of giving Dad the same old gifts, may have just what you're looking for!

For just $3.99, you can send dad a greeting from the likes of Charlie Sheen, Tony Stewart, and Mike Tyson straight to his phone.

The message shows up from the sender's number and if dad doesn't answer, the system will leave him a message.

There are more than 30 celebrity messages to choose from.

Oscar Mayer has an ad that has been grabbing lots of attention recently.

The company is encouraging people to buy bacon and bacon-themed gifts for Father's Day or just any holiday for that matter.

The gifts available include cuff links, wallets and money clips among others.

According to the website, which you can check out here, the gifts are "temporarily" sold out.

You can follow @OscarMayer on Twitter to see when the gifts will be back in stock.

If you're the quick and easy type of gift-giver, you can send dad a free eCard from

The site offers cards to dad from a brother, uncle, sister, mother, friend or really any other family member you could think of.

Click here to check it out.

On our Lifestyles page we have some tech gift ideas for dad.

The gifts range from $30 to $1500 and include cameras, wallets, golf gifts and more.

There are also mobile apps for Father's Day.

The top ones include: eCards, dad quote cards, paint apps and even a Father's Day photo frame app.

There is even a website with a portion dedicated to explaining the history of Father's Day and it has ideas for helping to celebrate dad.

Take a look at the website here.

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