Thursday morning online trends 6/13

(KFVS) - Thursday morning has given us some interesting stories. Here's a couple of them that will have you talking.

A big talking point this morning continues to be the announcement from Wednesday that Facebook will now utilize hashtags.

Hashtags, also known as the pound or number sign (#), are already used on social media sites like Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.

Now, Facebook users can also hashtag stories, people, topics, etc.

It should be noted though that if you want to try out hashtags on Facebook, you may have to wait a bit.

I did some research and found out that Facebook is slowly unveiling hashtags, so not all users will have access to the hashtags just yet.

A kitten that was born with two faces has been getting big time attention online.

Click here to check out a YouTube video highlighting a report on the rare cat.

Another cat video is making the rounds!

It's an adorable home video of a young child wrestling a cat.

A husband in California is in some hot water after he accidentally sold his wife's wedding ring at a garage sale.

The man sold what he thought was an empty watch box to a lady at the sale for $10.

Little did he know the box contained his wife's $23,000 wedding ring!

Unfortunately, the couple has no idea who the lady was that bought the box and no one has come forward yet to return the ring.

A new app compiles content from the Kentucky Department of Education and has several helpful features.

The app offers the Kentucky Teacher Magazine, messages for teachers and superintendents and also blogs from the education commissioner.

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