Tuesday morning online trends 6/11

(KFVS) - Tuesday morning has been an interesting one online. Here's some of the top stories you'll want to know about for today.

An ad campaign out of Chicago is creating quite the stir online.

The ad features pictures of "pregnant" young men and it has sparked a controversy over whether or not the ads are appropriate.

Those who created the ads say they are meant to shock people and to bring awareness to teen pregnancy.

Click here to see the pictures of the ad and form your own opinion on them.

The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world.

Nearly two million children have at least one parent in prison, so Sesame Street has stepped up with a program targeted at those children.

The popular children's program has created an online kit that is designed to help children ages 3 to 8 and caregivers with the emotional stress that can go along with having a parent in prison.

An incredible time lapse video has grabbed a lot of attention online.

The footage is shot mainly in the Wyoming and South Dakota areas and shows the horizon and skyline through a time lapse perspective.

Click here to watch the video.

A new poll from CNN.com shows that the majority of Americans don't mind their phones being tracked.

The statistics showed that 56% of Americans in the poll said that phone tracking is acceptable to combat terrorism.

Comparatively, 45% say Internet monitoring such as through email is acceptable.

It was also noted that younger people prioritize privacy, while older people prioritize monitoring if it's in the name of safety.

Get the full report here.

We all know it's tornado season here on Earth, but did you know it's also tornado season on the Sun?

Some interesting footage from Solar Dynamics Observatory shows "sun tornadoes" swirling around the surface of the Sun.

You can click here to watch the footage of the interesting sight.

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