Monday morning online trends 6/10

(KFVS) - Lots of stories getting attention online Monday morning. Here's a look at the ones you'll want to know about.

Of course one of the most buzzed about stories Monday is the Tony Award ceremony that took place Sunday night.

This is Broadway's biggest night and is always a source for glitz and glamour.

You can click here to view some great pictures of the big night and also a full list of the winners.

It's been said that honesty is always the best policy.

Well one kid has shown that he thinks that's true.

The boy took a trip to Channel Islands National Park and pocketed a rock he found there, not knowing taking rocks is against the park's regulations.

He sent the rangers at the park a note saying he took the rock and wanted to return it along with the actual rock he took.

A deer got stuck in a strange situation over the weekend in the Florida Keys.

A police officer on duty drove by the deer and noticed there was a bag over its head.

Turns out, the deer had gotten its head stuck in a chip bag!

Click here to see the picture of the odd incident.

BuzzFeed has an interesting slide show of 14 celebrities who had incredible makeovers.

The before and after pictures really are almost unbelievable.

You can check out the slide show here to see how much these stars have changed over the years.

Are you an ice cream fan?

There's a viral picture going around of a baby you apparently is!

Check out the cute trending picture of the youngster seeing the sweet treat for the first time by clicking here.

An incredible water rescue took place over the weekend!

A rescue crew was able to help several people who had gotten stuck out in the middle of a river when the water levels started to rise several feet.

Click here to check out the footage of the rescue.

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