Monday morning online trends 5/20

(KFVS) - Here's a few online trends from Monday morning that you'll want to know about for today.

Justin Bieber is getting more attention online this morning for his reaction to being booed at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday Night.

Bieber won the Milestone Award and of course there were a lot of cheering fans, but there were also some boos.

Click here or check out the video below to hear what Bieber had to say to those who disapproved of him at the show.

Also trending is the release of a report saying that men are buying more makeup.

The Daily Beast has an article explaining that over half of the money spent on grooming products for men last year was spent on cosmetics and skin care.

The new booming market for men's makeup is being credited to the high demand for men to be better groomed.

Read the full article here.

Yahoo has a list of the best cities to visit on a budget.

Click here to check out the full details and to see which two Midwest cities made the list.

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