Wednesday morning online trends 5/15

(KFVS) - Wednesday morning has been a great one to share some online trends. Here's a couple you'll want to know about for the day.

You have to see this viral video from YouTube:

A dancing, talking, singing parakeet has won the hearts of over 2.3 million viewers so far.

The bird's name is Disco and he really is worth the watch.

Click here or watch the video below!

Trending on Huffington Post is the story of a man in Zimbabwe who apparently came back to life at his own funeral--he was presumed dead, but obviously wasn't.

The man suddenly woke up and was taken to the hospital where he later recovered.

Apparently this is not all that uncommon in that country, as it's happened twice in the last year!

Finally, the news we've all been waiting for... Oscar Mayer has unveiled a bacon hot dog.

The hot dogs are infused with bacon bits and were released this week just in time for Memorial Day.

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