Tuesday morning online trends 5/07

(KFVS) - Lots of interesting stuff floating around the web Tuesday morning. Here's a couple of the top trends.

An ad is causing a stir online Tuesday because of its target audience and its message.

A company designed an ad that is for kids' eyes only, specifically the eyes of children impacted by abuse.

The sign, that has special printing, shows a message that can only be seen if a person is under a certain height.

Those taller than that won't be able to see the message that displays a number a child can call is he or she is being abused.

If you're on a mobile phone, click here to see the ad or check out the advertisement in the video below:

Washington Post is reporting that "Iron Man 3" is apparently a little different if you see it in China.

The Chinese version of the box office hit has some extra footage that producers reportedly inserted into the film to appeal to Chinese officials.

Most of us wish we had time and resources to travel all over the world, or even to another state.

One man wanted to as well, so he decided to go for it!

He quit his job in 2012 and set out on a 10,000 mile, 100 day road trip.

The man documented his trip by taking some amazing pictures along the way.

Click here to check out the slideshow of the pictures he captured.

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