Lt. Governor Sheila Simon supports education-funding reform

SPRINGFIELD, IL (KFVS) - Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon says she supports current legislation on education funding reform in Illinois.

According to Simon, the Senate Joint Resolution 32  creates the General Assembly's Advisory Committee on Education Funding.

She says the committee's job will be to review the state's system to fund education 

The committee will issue recommendations by Feb. 1, 2014 that are aimed at reforming state funding of education in order to make it more equitable and boost student success, according to the Lt. Governor. 

"Under the current funding structure, students' learning opportunities are influenced by zip code, perpetuating a system of haves and have-nots," said Simon. "We need to ensure that educational opportunity is available to every student, everywhere in the state, so we can build a skilled workforce and help our economy grow." 

Simon says the education legislation could find areas in education that could be strengthened and expanded in the state. 

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