Eagle Sky or empty nest?, Lining up for free dental care, Goodbye to George Jones

Kathy Sweeney's I-Team investigation tonight at 6 p.m.
Kathy Sweeney's I-Team investigation tonight at 6 p.m.
Folks are already lining up for free dental care clinic to be held Friday and Saturday (Source: D.Fraizer).
Folks are already lining up for free dental care clinic to be held Friday and Saturday (Source: D.Fraizer).
Saying goodbye to the 'possum.'
Saying goodbye to the 'possum.'

Some of you asked Kathy Sweeney to find out when a nearly 4,5000 acre Christian camp called Eagle Sky of the Ozarks was going to open, what's going on right now and what kind of benefit will it be to Wayne County, Mo. A lot of people didn't want to talk about it. And those who do, actually have serious questions. find out more tonight in an I-Team investigation at 6 p.m.

A Benton boy battling cancer got to live out his dream of participating in police drills today. Allison Twaits has more on this moving story tonight at 5:02.

People are already starting to line up for a free dental clinic to be held in Cape Girardeau on Friday and Saturday.

Bob Reeves says rain starts today and is expected to run through Sunday. Four to five inches is expected in areas along the Mississippi Valley, increasing flooding concerns.

The funeral of country music legend George Jones was held today. Here is a slideshow of the service.

Christy Millweard reports Kelso C-7 students are helping kids in Africa. Find out what they're doing tonight at 5:08.

A Southern Illinois University professor in Carbondale is accusing the university of sex discrimination.

A dog found a western Kentucky man's dog tags that had been missing for 30 years.

There's bickering between Missouri and Illinois over the name of a new Mississippi River bridge.

CPI Corp., a St. Louis-based operator of more than 2,000 U.S. portrait studios that abruptly closed its outlets last month, has filed for bankruptcy.

A St. Louis man has been sentenced to life in prison plus 25 years for killing a Vietnamese immigrant as part of a so-called "knockout game."

Two Carbondale officers were honored today in Springfield. Carly O'Keefe has the details at 6:04.

The Missouri Senate has passed a bill that would allow designated school personnel to carry concealed weapons in school buildings. It now heads to the House.

Americans are saying CUL8TR (See you later) to text messaging, a wireless industry group says.

A woman who was reported missing more than a decade ago and declared dead has been found alive!

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