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Wednesday morning online trends 5/01

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Here's a couple of the web's top online trends for Wednesday that will have you talking.

CBS New York has a story about a realtor who is offering a raise to his employees.

That sounds great, right? Well there's a catch.

In order to get the raise, the employees have to get a tattoo of the company's logo.

There is no restriction on the size or placement of the tattoos and the company will be footing the bill for them.

Get the full story here.

Reportedly, dozens of employees have already stepped up to get inked with the logo.

In entertainment news, Sarah Jessica Parker has apparently given up a device that many of us can't live without.

Yahoo has a story reporting that the actress gave up her cell phone because it was too time consuming.

Click here to learn more.

CNN has posted a video on YouTube that will make you chuckle.

A weatherman in Texas struggles to keep his composure during a bad case of the hiccups.

Check out funny footage below!

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