Fire in "bag house" at rice processing plant

MARSTON, MO (KFVS) - Fire crews responded the scene of a fire at Riceland Foods in Marston.

The New Madrid County Sheriff's Department confirms they have sent crews to the location.

Bill Reed with Riceland Foods says the fire was contained in a "bag house" that captures dust from rough rice before it is processed.

The bag house serves the same function as a bag in a vacuum cleaner, collecting dust in large, fabric bags called "socks."

Reed says a spark from equipment or a stray piece of metal, such as a bolt or screw, can ignite the dust in one of the bag house socks resulting in a smoldering fire and lots of smoke.

There were no injuries. Employees were cleared from the facility as fire department and Riceland personnel put out the fire.

Reed says there was minimal damage.

The facility is expected to be operational Wednesday afternoon after the socks are replace.

The Portageville Police Department says Portageville fire crews were called for mutual aid.

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