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Several arrested after 6 search warrants served in Graves Co.


The Graves Count Sheriff's Office reports they served six search warrants in the same area on Friday, April 26.

According to the sheriff's office, five of the warrants were within the city limits of Mayfield and one was in the county. The warrants were served by deputies from Graves, McCracken and Marshall Counties and officers from the Mayfield Police Department.

They say the warrants were obtained through an exhaustive investigation spanning over several months by detectives from all three sheriffs' departments and the ATF. These three agencies as well as the ATF combined efforts due to the large distribution area of this ring. Through the course of the investigation Detectives were able to ascertain that large amounts of illegal drugs were being distributed to several counties in the Purchase area. These counties include but are not limited to Graves, McCracken, Marshall, Livingston, and Fulton, Hickman, Crittenden and possibly areas in West Tennessee.

On Thursday, April 25, the sheriff's department says a routine traffic stop was conducted by deputies of the Graves County Sheriffs Department. The traffic stop was for an expired license plate. Officers say in the vehicle were two Hispanic males. The driver, identified as Alejandro Gonzalez Castaneda was found to have no Kentucky operator's license. Noel Matus-Anguilar was a passenger in the vehicle. During the traffic stop, deputies say both men ran away.

They say the driver was soon caught a short distance away by detectives of the McCracken County Sheriff's office who were conducting surveillance in the area. The passenger evaded deputies and was not found. The sheriff's department says they got search warrants for the suspect vehicle and its contents.

Once they got the warrants, deputies say the vehicle was searched and a package that was found in the vehicle was taken to the Graves County Sheriff's Office to be examined further. They say the package was wrapped in layers of black duct tape, plastics and finally an igloo cooler. Detectives from the three agencies opened the package and found two plastic baggies containing what was believed to be methamphetamine. According to the sheriff's department, each baggie weighed just over one pound.

The sheriff's department says the traffic stop and the results of the search along with the findings of the ongoing investigation a decision was made to try and get search warrants for six different locations. They say these places were associated with individuals who had been identified as having been a part of illegal drug trafficking. Once the warrants were obtained for these six locations, deputies and officers meet at an undisclosed location for a briefing. This briefing took place in the very early hours of April 26.

SWAT and SRT teams were deployed and used to execute the warrants. During the investigation, deputies say it was discovered that there were firearms at several of the locations. The decision to employ SWAT and SRT was made due to the fact that firearms were involved and methamphetamine is a powerful mind altering drug.

All six search warrants were served without incident. Several suspects were arrested and more methamphetamine as well as firearms and a large sum of cash were found.

According to the sheriff's department, several vehicles along with ATVs were confiscated. All suspects were lodged in the Graves County Jail and reported to I.C.E officials. Later they say detainers were placed on all individuals due to them being illegal in the United States. The investigation is still continuing and more arrests are expected to be made in the near future.

Graves County Sheriff Dewayne Redmon said that he wanted to thank all those involved in the investigation and serving the warrants. Redmon stated he was proud of those who had devoted much time and effort to this and that these men deserved more thanks than they will ever receive.

Sheriff Redmon was quoted as saying, "Several dangerous people were taken off the streets of Mayfield and Graves County today. These people have come here illegally and are poisoning our town, communities and the surrounding areas with very dangerous drugs. These people have no legitimate purpose for being here other than the illegal sale and distribution of illegal substances. We will continue in our efforts to investigate and identify any others who may be a party to this and bring them to justice. These people are not only a burden to our communities but a real threat just as domestic terrorists. It is not only our responsibility but our duty to hunt these people down so that they may be dealt with accordingly."

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