Monday morning online trends 4/29

(KFVS) - Monday may not be our most favorite day of the week, but the Internet is buzzing with some interesting topics that you'll want to know about for today.

Making headlines on almost every news site Monday morning is Michael Jordan's wedding that took place over the weekend.

The ceremony in Palm Beach is grabbing attention because the tent Jordan and his wife were married in was 5,000 square feet bigger than their house!

The tent is being called the largest in wedding history.

Click here to check out some pictures of the massive tent and to get more details on the big time wedding.

A video that's gone viral on YouTube with nearly 2.3 million hits so far will make you feel even more impressed by gymnastic routines.

The footage from shows a young girl at the Junior European Championships performing a truly amazing routine.

Check out the video of it below!

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